Workstation Computers Vs Multimedia Computers – Which to Buy?

Whether it is your first time buying a computer or buying one as a replacement to the old, it is always helpful to have a little knowledge on what is being sold in the market today. With the technology for computers evolving at an alarming rate, you could easily end up being perplexed when faced with the decision-making process.Naturally, the choice of computers that you will end up buying will largely depend on the job that is needed for it to perform. There are different kinds of computers to suit different tasks with the two main types of computers and they can be divided into workstations and multimedias.MultimediasMultimedia computers are flexible in the sense that you can use it for just about anything that comes to mind. It can be used to play the latest games with good graphics and sound such as the popular “World of Warcraft” (WOW). It can be used to watch your favorite television programs and movies, either through downloads and online streaming. In addition, you can easily be your own music and video producers and perhaps, be the next online star. The main difference with this would be they tend to cost more compared to workstations since it requires a lot of hardware in multimedia computers.WorkstationsComparatively cheaper, workstations are basically more for official jobs such as emailing, document creation and presentation, web browsing and other business-related performances. The main reason for the cheaper cost would be the hardware and software. The CPU would be the main hardware that adds up to chunk of the cost. Comparatively, workstations come nowhere close to multimedias where gaming is concerned. The advantage, however is workstations are upgradable since the majority of them utilize onboard sound and graphic cards.With the above two main kinds of computers to be found described in general, it will help you save time and money in addition to finding the computer to suit your specific requirements.

Build Your Career As the Graphic Designer

Graphic designing is the form of visual communication. It makes impeccable use of words, ideas and images to present the information in a more discreet way. The graphic designer is a person who solves various problems which are associated with visual communication. In the past few years, there has been a growth in the media sector and due to which abundant opportunities are available across various sectors.Eligibility to become a designerTo find a graphic designer job, a candidate needs to pursue a graphic design course in India. There are various institutions in India which are offering designing courses and the tenure of the course is 3 years. Also, there is a one year diploma course in visual communication. These courses allow budding designers to develop & design technical skills, so that they can build an enticing portfolio of their work. To make your career in this field, one should have a deep interest in designing.Some of the top colleges which are providing graphic education are-
There is no paucity of good institutions in India from where you can study designing.Below is the list of some of the top colleges offering courses in India-1= Industrial Design Centre IIT, Bombay
2= National Institute of Design, Gujarat+
3= Department of Design, Guwahati
4= The National Association of Schools of Art and Design
5= Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune
6= Frameboxx Animation and Visual Effects, MumbaiThe course may include-1= Typography
2= Drawing
3= Advanced graphic design
4= Computer-assisted design
5= Digital media
6= PhotographyFuture of graphic designingWith the spurt in the technological advancement, there has been a complete transition in this sector. It has now become a promising career also. There are different profiles which exist in the graphic designing job, like creative directors, art workers, etc.
Moreover, graphic designers enjoy huge opportunities in various other fields like advertising, electronic media, marketing firms, exhibitions, etc. You can also work with reputable magazines as a layout editor.Job prospects-There are aplenty graphic designer jobs exist in the market for those who are interested in this sector. Some of the job profiles exist in the sector are-1= Creative directors/Art Director
2= Layout artist
3= Brand identity designer
4= Logo Designer
5= Flash Designers
6= Illustrators
7= Multimedia Designer
8= Web Designer
9= Prepress TechnicianGraphic designing is the highly creative sector. Your creative skills prove to be an asset for your employer. If you are highly creative, then from a junior designer, you can easily reach to the other high positions, like creative director.Requisite skills-If you want to build a career in the designing field, then it is important to possess below skills-
1= Visual problem solving
2= Flexible
3= Able to work under pressure
4= Attention to detail
5= Patience
6= Written Communications
7= Typography
8= Good understanding of different softwares like Photoshop, acrobat, Illustrator, etc.Due to the high growth in the sectors of television, entertainment, video gaming, etc; this field has become a popular career choice. Further, teaching is the other area where you can build your career. You can start teaching at a good designing institute and earn lucrative package. The opportunities exist in the government sector also. You can work in the department of audio-visual. There is no dearth of freelance jobs for experienced professionals. You can even set up your own business. Interactive and multimedia graphics are the other areas for competent designers with impeccable skills.How much can you expect to earn?According to the market reports, the salary package of a graphic designer could range somewhere between Rs 20,000-25,000/month. After gaining some experience and skills, you can even earn Rs 40,000-50,000/month.